Injection moulding with expanded polyurethane MDI

Our products in microcellular polyurethane foam are made with injection molding techniques. This is an industrial production process in which the expanded polyurethane MDI Microlan® is melted and injected at a high pressure inside the mold.

The microcellular foam polyurethane MDI, Microlan® is characterized by a porous open cell structure.

The Microlan®, with its extreme volumetric compressibility and lateral expansion contained make it particularly suitable to be used as a cushioning element.

It can be realized with different densities, so as to maintain the compression arrows to the desired values.


  • broad spectrum of use temperatures
  • high compressibility
  • maximum lightness
  • resistant to grease and oils, hydrocarbons
  • reduces the NVH factor (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) by cushioning the bumps

bumpers for shock absorbers in polyurethane foam mdi microlan rc plast torino italyThe microcellular polyurethane bumpers are made by the foaming process. For this kind of molding we use an automated foaming machine, a carousel with 40 stations.

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polyurethane injection molding bumpers and bump stops

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polyurethane injection molding dust washers

Dust washers

polyurethane injection molding sleeves

Sleeves & anti-vibration

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