Bump stops
for shock absorbers

We use our proprietary formula Microlan®, a special MDI expanded polyurethane foam, to manufacture the bump stops for shock aborbers for our customers. We are able to produce large quantities for spare parts dealers, intermediaries and OEMs in the automotive sector.

The main features of our
Bump Stops in Microlan®

  • high wear and abrasion resistance
  • high traction and tear resistance
  • excellent cushioning capacity
  • high flexibility at low temperatures
  • high resistance to oils, greases, oxygen and ozone
Bump stops polyurethane manufacturer supplier - RC Plast made in italy

What we manufacture

In addition to Bump Stops, we are specialized in the industrial production
of articles made with polyurethane expanded foam and thermoplastic
for all uses in the industrial sector
with particular attention to the automotive sector.

Bump stops expanded polyurethane mdi microlan - RC Plast

MDI items:

TPU items: thermoplastic polyurethane

TPU items:

EPDM: closed cell expanded rubber

EPDM: closed
cell expanded

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Certified quality

RC Plast Certificato di Qualità ISO 9001

We are a certified production company in “Quality Management System” in compliance with the UNIEN ISO 9001: 2008 Sector EA, Code 14, for “special polyurethane fabrications and plastic material by injection molding and casting process for automotive and industry”.

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Quality Policy

In order to achieve IATF 16949 Certification, we are committed to
maintain high quality standards with a view to the full satisfaction of its customers and
improvement of its quality management system.

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High technology

At RC Plast we are very attentive to the technological evolution of our sector.
We periodically invest resources and time to improve our production processes and instrumentation and machinery, to obtain high quality products that meet the needs of our customers.

Our purpose is to satisfy all the requirements for our customers,
supplying the best solution for them.

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